WELCOME TO elfspeaks!

We  are very excited to bring you this new blog  where we share  information, stories, videos, plant-based cooking ideas/recipes and and other fun  stuffs related to the FOUR L's of the 'Elder'Elf!


The Elf hers-elf is, me,  Janne Swearengen, retired from the best career one could imagine as an analyst, researcher,  trainer, and  Quality  Assurance specialist with the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis at the University of Wisconsin and the  Long Term Care Institute of Madison, WI.  We  have met, listened to, and interviewed so many people who have made a difference in the lives of our vulnerable adults.

Following retirement in 2012, we became totally committed to a plant-based eating regimen and The Elf in the Kitchen was born.  Continuing the re-invention of s-elf, we  are now The Movie Elf, The Book Review Elf and who knows what elf will appear next!    My own blog is  a ongoing work in progress.

Enjoy your Elder Elf!