The Chronicles of Pondlandia



'The Prayerof St. Francis' Pondlandia

Friday June 5 2020

Day Whatever -- We've Quit Counting

Today, as the world around us continues to turn in turbulence, in peace-making, in emotions, and in reconciliation, we here in Pondlandia celebrate this little oasis where we can enjoy the antics of those beings who do not watch TV and be pensive, grateful, and tranquil. Today, we jut let the pictures and video speak for themselves. "Make me an instrument of your peace...". 


'A Momentary Lapse in Time' Pondlandia

Thursday June 4 2020

Day Whatever -- We've Quit Counting

We have been SO remiss lately but will try to catch up some today. Too many irons in the fire and by the time we'd get ready to post, the day would be gone. In the long run and greater scheme of things, though...nothing has changed and Pondlandia thrives. We are all watching with great interest and wariness the path of Cristobal. Today was relatively slow; Daffy and Ruby were on the south bank; Huey and Dewey on the Pond wall on the north levee; and Sam and Dave (the Green Herons) were racing around the pond again playing tag. We missed getting them on film but they'll most likely play again. We may take a small detour later to share some pictures of our garden!! It's been such fun! Stay tuned!!


'Bustin' Out All Over' Pondlandia

Monday June 1 2020

Day 26 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer?"

HAPPY JUNE !!! Let's hope that June will bring us better times all over...from North to South/East to West. Let us be healthy and well again. Very very quiet today...a bunch of squirrels, some Mallards, and our ever-present Huey and Dewey. We could do with some softness for a while. 


'Goodbye May and Welcone June' Pondlandia

Sunday May 31 2020

Day 25 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

What a perfect morning on to say farewell to this month of May. It is clear, it is cool, it is dry, and it is peaceful. We would like to think that this is a portend for the month of June and the COVID-19 crisis will end. In the meantime, we continue to celebrate the life and time of Pondlandia and the wonderful wild lives that keep us grounded, including the enduring and powerful trees that populate this area. We are so thankful for the developers who held these trees dear and kept them. We see so many housing developments where that does not occur.


Today we had Patrick, the little Green Heron; some Mallard drakes just lazily paddling across the pond, Huey and Dewey sunning within striking distance of the corn, and finally, our Harry, the Great Blue...preening with a watchful eye to potential breakfast fish. Quite lovely. Not only is tomorrow the first day of June, it is also First Monday. You'll see that later project later on!


'Tag! You're It' Pondlandia

Saturday May 30 2020

Day 24 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

Well, what an interesting morning we've had!  We've added a new 'find' to our list of 'friends' to keep track of...a lovely robin (Rosie) who is patiently sitting on her nest. Our neighbors, the Grissoms, pointed her out to us the other we are keeping a 'hatch' watch.

Then, we saw Harry perched on a not-so-elegant drain pipe, figuring he really could care less about elegance, bein' elegant no matter where he lands. A sprinkling of Mallards were also on hand. HOWSOMEVER!! The energy of Pondlandia was more than adequately showcased this morning by the antics of a pair of Green Herons...who were NOT Patrick and Patricia. Sam and Dave put on a display of 'aeriality' with their 'tag'. Reminded us of an old movie about airplane racing...I think it was 'The Tarnished Angels' with the sub-title Pylon. 1957!! I remember seeing it with my folks at the Drive-in (that handsome Rock Hudson was in it). But I digress. They were indeed enjoying themselves immensely.

And FINALLY!! Yes, the turtle trap is still on shore and empty. We are so encouraged and feel assured that the continued use of the Turtle trap will be regularly monitored to make sure trapped turtles are re-located in a timely and humane manner. 


'Doe, a Deer or Three' Pondlandia

Friday May 29 2020

Day 23 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

Well, we have a regular potpourri of life in Pondlandia today!! First, we spotted a lovely doe at the entrance to the Spookey Spikey Woods early this morning. What a Treat!! We've not been privy to seeing many deer lately, most likely to all the construction that is destroying their world. So we were more thrilled to see her, knowing that where there is one, there are usually more! And sure enough!! We weren't quick enough on the video trigger to catch a film of them but more than happy to capture a picture. 

DuckFeather Point brought us the beautiful slow swirl of mists AND yet another spectacular image of the cypress 'featherleaf diamonds'.

As we turned toward home, we encountered this magnificent snail. Just look at him! He's huge, as domestic snails go and we had to move him out of harm's way smack dab in the middle of a busy road.

And FINALLY!! Yes! The turtle trap is out of the water and we understand the turtles are free, hopefully in a new home.


'' Pondlandia

Thursday May 28 2020

Day 22 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

The recent storms have ushered in a couple of days of very lovely weather...lower humidity (we can fold up our gills for a day or two) and temperatures in the lower to mid-80's. YAY! Weather was also responsible for the SpaceX launch being scrubbed yesterday...will hopefully go up Saturday. 

As for the life of our Pondlandia, nothing much changes. The ebb and flow of our friends is always anticipated. We missed our stroll through the Spookey Spikey Woods today as Big Solid was eager to get on the golf course AND, possibly more compelling, he forgot the treats that are usually provided during our time there.

On hand today were several Mallards, Huey and Dewey, and a brief squawk fly-by from Patrick. No Geese or Herons (other than Patrick). A couple of cool birds that we could not see well enough to identify. Anywho, enjoy and we will see you tomorrow!! 


'Diamonds in the Cypresses' Pondlandia

Wednesday May 27 2020

Day 21 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

What a most spectacular morning following some rather brilliant lightning, equally explosive thunder, and delicious rain that our garden's occupants slurped right up as last night boomed on through. None of this disruption seemed to make one iota's worth of difference to our Pondlandians but we do remember two 'leetle' bitty chihuahuas whose ears grew a foot long when it stormed. The Feathered Convention Center from yesterday was completely vacant today...all we had tap today was Harry at the DuckFeather Point tip and Huey/Dewey on the Pond Wall. Enjoy as we barrell toward the end of May!

On the video with Harry, doesn't it look like the cypress 'feather-leaves' are sprinkled with diamonds? Just lovely!


'A Bounty of Water Birds' Pondlandia

Tuesday May 26 2020

Day 20 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

Well, we have a LOT of feathered activity this morning with what appears to be a Bachelor Convention with many Mallard drakes AND a sextet of Geese. We were also fortunate to catch Patrick the little Green heron in flight as well. PLUS, if you'll notice in the first video, Harry the Great Blue is perched in perfect stillness on the bank just this side of DuckFeather Point!!  The second video is quick but speaks to some Geese territoriality that took place off camera.

In North Pondlandia this morning, we did run across a pair of Mallards...the shadows cast would not let me determine if they were Daffy and Ruby or just two more drakes and I was loathe to disturb them.

The final video does find Harry fishing for some breakfast as well as Huey and Dewey. It would appear that Dewey was in the 'duck' house and having to stand in the corner!! I wonder what he did, or did not do!! And as always, we set our intentions to make our day meaningful to ourselves and to others. See you tomorrow!!


'Remembering The Fallen' Pondlandia

Monday May 25 2020

Day 19 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

We'll make this short and sweet today. It's a beautiful morning with the promise of a blisteringly hot afternoon. Nothing of import happening in or around Pondlandia as life goes right on. We do take time to give thanks for our lives and for the lives that were given for us. If Huey, Dewey, Daffy, Ruby, Harry, The Bachelor, Opal/Casper, and Patrick could talk...they too would say thanks.


'' Pondlandia

Sunday May 24 2020

Day 18 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

A most Glorious Sunday is upon us!! We slept late (past 6:30 even) and just took a nice long lazy walk through Pondlandia. At first we could NOT find Huey and Dewey so kinda panicked a bit. We did have Patrick, Ruby, Daffy and Father/Mother Goose on hand. The storms of yesterday evening brought a slight cooling off period. YAY!! Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Be safe, Remember our fallen, and be kind.


'Glorious Saturday!!' Pondlandia

Saturday May 23 2020

Day 17 "Sorta Opening Up But Safer At Home A While Longer"

Well, we certainly had a nice visit this morning and had a chance to see Harry (the Great Blue Heron) in action!! We had JUST turned off the camera when he went into action, so we didn't catch everything BUT you can see what occurred!! 

Not only was Harry in full glory but also we had Mother/Father Goose (squared), Mallard Drakes (squared), Patrick the Green Heron, and eventually, Huey and Dewey! I guess everyone was in full energy mode (well, except for Huey and Dewey) because we are going to get into the 90's today again. Hopefully, we can back off this heat for a while before it becomes like a damp and heavy blanket over us for the next FOUR/FIVE months! We did include one picture (not video) of the turtle trap, one soul's head reaching out for freedom. We are optimistic that relief will come for them soon.


'Where Time Doesn't Matter' Pondlandia

Friday May 22 2020

Day 16 "Sorta Opening Up?"

Well, when we say 'Time Doesn't Matter' in Pondlandia, we mean just that. The wonderful lives that thrive here really don't go by calendars, watches, or other time measuring devices. They go by the sun (or lack thereof), the temperature, the air pressure, hunger, need for rest, need for cleanliness, escape, watchfulness and various reactions to their environment. They do not worry about the news, politics, who's gonna win The Voice, what to binge on Netflix next, or all the things we use to pass time in our own lives.

So, we have today, a small but peaceable kingdom. We hope that the approaching heat (yes, we will most likely hit our first 90º day today) will find them in the cool shade offered by the Pondlandian Tree of Souls or any of the other magnificent trees we have, or paddling around in the cool waters. Like we say here in the deepest of the South, 'it don't make us no nevermind'. Happy Friday y'all.


'Weekend Eve Eve' Pondlandia

Thursday May 21 2020

Day 15 "Sorta Opening Up?"

What started out as a pretty boring Pondlandian visit turned into a pretty decent no small part thanks to a nice meeting with Oak-Heart the Elder, our Turtle Tree friend. And speaking of turtles, the trapped ones are still trapped. No one seems to be concerned but me 'n Big Solid.

Huey and Dewey were nestled on the pond wall and levee, completing their morning ablutions; The Bachelor took off after Ruby and Daffy; and that was pretty much that. We did take a still photo of the gaggle of cypress knees as one enters DuckFeather Point. Looks like a little village, doesn't it. All one needs is to see little tiny plumes of smoke coming up from them.


'Hump Day' Pondlandia

Wednesday May 20  2020

Day 14 "Sorta Opening Up?"

Welcome to the penultimate Wednesday of May!! Yes Indeedy--this month is almost history! That means we only have 12 days to make May a special month. We can do that by finding a way to be kind, to be polite, to stay healthy, and to enjoy his spring weather. It won't be long before the heat and humidity drive us indoors to the a/c and more Netflix.

In the meantime, our feathered friends just roll with the days and nights...not at all bothered by the passage of time. We could certainly learn something there!

Harry the Great Blue was at his his STEALTH-iest best hidden in the Salvinia. I don't think he moved a single feather for quite a while.

Huey, Dewey, Mother/Father Goose, and Ruby/Daffy were hunkered down on the south shore, getting a few relaxing moments in for the day.


'' Pondlandia

Tuesday May 19  2020

Day 13 "Sorta Opening Up?"

What a quiet and peaceful day it is!! We missed yesterday (BOO!) due to rain and when I tried filming yesterday afternoon, got side-tracked by a phone call. Nevertheless, we are, as Minnie Pearl used to say, "Just so proud to be here." 

Hardly any duck action today; Huey and Dewey were hunkered down on the pond wall and The Bachelor was chilin' on Duck Feather Point.

Y'all have a most special day; stay safe, stay healthy, and be kind.


'Still Quiet, NOT so Peaceable' Pondlandia

Sunday May 17  2020

Day 11 "Sorta Opening Up?"

GOOD SUNDAY MORNING!!! We spotted Harry the Great Blue on the levee as we were winding down our North Pondlandia stroll; he wound up in the Salvinia and assumed his Hunting pose of a statue. We left him to his own devices and hoped he enjoyed a tasty breakfast. Patrick and company (who we didn't get a chance to film flying and squawking this morning) were also on hand. And our regulars 'seemed' to be just hangin' out, all sweetness and light....NOT. Huey took off after The Bachelor and the chase began. And so it goes...

So, enjoy this lovely Sunday; stay safe, stay healthy, and always be kind.


'All Quiet, All Peaceable' Pondlandia

Saturday May 16  2020

Day 10 "Sorta Opening Up?"

WHAT A TREAT this morning! Everyone, nearly, in the same spot, acting sweet and nice. They must have set their intentions early. It's a kinda cloudy and coolish day here today.  As you can see in the video, we had no less than THREE Green Herons fly into the cypress trees on DuckFeather Point. We've never seen that before...quite lovely. Not sure if you could hear them squawk but they were sure talking.

Otherwise, everyone was chilled and laid back this Saturday. We most certainly can live with that. Be safe, be healthy, be kind.


'Weekend Eve' Pondlandia

Friday May 15  2020

Day 9 "Sorta Opening Up?"

GOOD FRIDAY MORNING!! Looks like all is well in Pondlandia today. Huey and Dewey seem to be doing fine...maybe the little scare with Dewey is over, though we do understand that they are Elder Ducks.

We were also graced with not one but TWO of our shore birds today...Casper/Opal the Great White Egret and Harry the Great Blue Heron. Patrick, our little Green Heron, managed to take off before we could get him. Mother and Father Goose (squared) were also on hand as were Daffy and Ruby. What a way to start the day!!


'Protected by the Earth's Beanie' Pondlandia

Thursday May 14  2020

Day 8 "Sorta Opening Up?"

The sky kinda took center stage this morning..the mix of puffy clouds scattered across really blue skies and then a low level bank of streaming clouds passing beneath. Sure made for a lovely morning's view. Y'all know I'm a sucker for wearing  beanie--wool blends for the fall and winter, cotton blends for the spring and summer. Well, I got to thinking that the SKY is the Earth's Beanie. Stay tuned for how we'll play with that!!

The pond was active this morning with Patrick (the little Green Heron); Huey and Dewey; Ruby and Daffy; and Mother/Father Goose who swooped in at the last minute in a flurry of wings and 'words'. You can see a third Mallard drake, known only as The Bachelor, as the geese are landing. He pretends to be shy. And, it was a peaceable featherdom this morning as well. And yes, the turtles remain in the trap, stuck in the salvinia.


'' Pondlandia

Wednesday May 13  2020

Day 7 "Sorta Opening Up?"

Not a lot of action in Pondlandia fact, everyone was downright lazy! I suspect they sense a falling barometer and decided to kick back and wait for the rain. We DID have a couple of sightings--Patrick, our little Green Heron was so beautifully camouflaged in the green banks, we missed him 'til he took off. And, Harry the Great Blue Heron was caught on a fly-by. Yes, the turtle trap is still stuck in the weeds and is still full of turtles. 

So, we had two geese (Mother and Father Goose), three Mallards (Ruby, Daffy and Bachelor Mallard), and our faithful guys, Huey and Dewey. And so it goes...


'A Momentary Lapse' Pondlandia

Tuesday May 12  2020

Day 6 "Sorta Opening Up?"

We DO sincerely apologize for our lapse yesterday...we just got behind in our doin's and never made it to the screen. Believe us when we say, you didn't really miss anything duck wars, no deer, no thrills of any kind. 

Which brings us to today; after some concerns about the health of Dewey yesterday evening (see the FB page of Janne Swearengen), we were utterly delighted to see Huey and Dewey paddling around the Pond together. So, that's what today is about...being happy that these two, as territorial and bullying as they can be, are still the pair we know and love. So, enjoy them, set your intentions for the day, be safe, and stay kind.


'Happy Mother's Day' Pondlandia

Sunday May 10  2020

Day 4 "Sorta Opening Up?"

We HAD to feature the Spookey Spikey Woods of North Pondlandia simply because of the noisy woodpecker echoing throughout them. Then we got REALLY worried when we only saw Huey without Dewey...that NEVER happens! But, lo and behold, you'll see Dewey come running up. He must have been napping or lounging behind the levee when Huey decided to hoof it on over to the banks of South Pondlandia. And, of course, they spent time harassing Ruby and Daffy before finally settling down.

It was 43º this morning when we bundled up to walk and 47º in Madison WI. Kind of a topsy-turvy cool. Have a most special and Happy Mother's Day to all y'all!!


'Blustery and Airish' Pondlandia

Saturday May 9  2020

Day 3 "Sorta Opening Up?"

We'll curtail our waxing philosophical and wordiness of yesterday; our brain is depleted of intellectual momentum. Following the rains and wind of yesterday, we were welcomed today with clear blue skies, a very brisk northeast wind, and the usual suspects of Pondlandia. Huey and Dewey, Ruby and Daffy. No deer were to be seen; Casper/Opal was seen briefly before being scared off by the goose squawking. Father Goose's limpiness seems to be easing a bit. He and Mother Goose were in the pond this morning scraping up some luscious mud from the pond floor when a second pair of geese dropped in on the other end of the levee (near the infamous turtle trap). Such noise!! Such greetings!! Such assertion of territory!! And finally, after resolution, they commenced to gossip. If only we could speak Goose.



'What a Difference a Day Makes' Pondlandia

Friday May 8  2020

Day 2 "Sorta Opening Up?"

You know, it's interesting how the Universe is in constant change, even though that seems like a non sequitor or 'does not compute'. Yesterday was the epitome of a magnificent day; warm but not hot, breezy but not too, dry but not the compression humidity that will soon arrive, and a cloudless sky of resplendent perfect blue and not the washed out tired blue of oft washed jeans.

Today we have gray skies dark enough for the street lights to stay on way past their time, thunder and lightnin', rain, and the promise of near record cold temperatures. My goodness...what's the deal? It is as it will day this, the next day that. It all boils down to how you choose to live it.

We had quite a surprise as we strolled toward the Spooky Spikey Woods of North Pondlandia when we spied at least four deer. The video is a bit far off but we were loathe to frighten them as it's been many weeks since we've seen any sign of deer other than a few tracks. So we are tickled pink.

Our 'limpy' Father Goose was more intent on staying off his bad leg, as in sitting down. We find that worrisome. There no sign of Ruby today, perhaps because there there FOUR Mallard drakes in the area, and Huey and Dewey were tightly tucked in on the pond wall, ready for whatever may head their way.

So we set our intentions as always and remain hopeful that the turtles will soon find a new home; we look forward to another day in Pondlandia tomorrow to see what's changed and what has not. In any event, it's a day to celebrate.


'Mistful and Wistful' Pondlandia

Thursday May 7  2020

Day 34 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

We are at THURSDAY already....How did this happen? Seems like yesterday, we were talking about Monday and now it's Friday EVE!! We are grateful for the constant that is Pondlandia to ground us and relieve our restlessness. Father Goose has the limp, we tried to video him but he decided to just rest in the 'unipedal' way. We did notice that the limp was a bit more pronounced...darn. Huey and Dewey were catching a morning sleep (this looked more intense than a nap) as lo and behold, Ruby and Daffy came gliding through the wisps and the mists before taking to the pond wall to preen and relax. Have a most spectacular Friday Eve! Stay Kind and DO EPIC!


Cloudless in Pondlandia

Wednesday May 6  2020

Day 33 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

What an absolutely STUNNING day!! The bluest of skies, the coolness of temperature, the slow current of mist moving over the pond, the absence of duck wars, a goose with a limp (no video, just trust me), a lonesome Mallard drake, Ruby and Daffy preening, Huey and Dewey nowhere to be seen (though behind the levee is a good guess, and TOTO, one of the MAGNIFICENT TREES of Pondlandia. Just Wow!


'Cinco de Mayo' Pondlandia

Tuesday May 5 2020

Day 32 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

Buenos Dias and Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Very quiet on the Pond today. Geese talking, a quick view of Patrick, the little Green Heron, Huey and Dewey practicing social distancing and setting our intentions. Ruby and Daffy were so far away, they were almost hard to spot. Stay safe, healthy, and kind.


'First Monday in May' Pondlandia

Monday May 4 2020

Day 31 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

Look, we took a bit of a day off yesterday, never imagining the drama that unfolded during our afternoon walk. There was a 'death match' fight between Huey and Daffy yesterday afternoon. This wasn't your "I'm chasing you away fighting, this was I WILL KILL YOU fighting. Huey had Daffy by the neck and was trying to throw him around. Well, we could not have that so we raced down to the pond and broke that up. I was SO MAD!! They eventually settled down but I stayed close until they went to their separate corners.

Today, you'd never know it. All was peaceful. No sign of the "Lost Boys" (the Whistlers) but we'll keep looking for them. Goodness, if they were witness the the Huey/Daffy violence, they were probably getting the heck out of Pondlandia!

The turtles remain trapped. You can see them poking their little heads out. ARGH!


'WHAT.A.DAY!' Pondlandia

Saturday May 2 2020

Day 29 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

HOLY MOLEY Y'all...what started out as a regular ole morning (video 1) turned into sheer joy when...well, you just have to see for yours-elf (video 2). THEN, we raced home, grabbed the binocs and flew, well,poor choice of words, raced back to the Pond and caught video 3!! Plus a still photo!  The Black-bellied Whistling Ducks came BACK!!

And, finally, can one possibly say Mississippi (or The Weather Channel's 'The Land Mass Between New Orleans and Mobile') any better than this!


'WELCOME to the Lusty Month of May' Pondlandia

 Friday May 1, 2020

Day 28 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

Oh My GOODNESS!! Do we ever welcome this month of May! Thinking of how aptly these next 31 days are named. May we see the light at the end of this dismal tunnel; May we go back the gym and an exercise regimen that keeps us strong; May we find Lysol and toilet paper in abundance; May we return to a living wage; May we get a HAIRCUT and relief from roots of a different color; May we shop 'til we drop; May we hug our friends; May we visit our families in hospitals, long-term care; May we celebrate our faith(s) at church; May we continue to enjoy the simplicity of Pondlandia; May the turtles find a new home instead of a trap; and above all, May we be DONE with COVID-19.

Simple video today...Pondlandia's morning stillness. Geese on the banks, Mallards in the water, and Huey/Dewey resting on the pond wall. Cypress knees and trees and The Pondlandian Tree of Souls ever watchful.


'So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adeiu' Pondlandia

 Thursday April 30, 2020

Day 27 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

Today our little Peaceable Pondlandia bids 'Adios' to April; and indeed peaceable it was this morning. Ruby and Daffy have found refuge with their bodyguards, Mother and Father Goose. You can see that Huey and Dewey have distanced themselves nicely from any territoriality issues

The turtle trap remains stuck in the same place; we even tried (with Bocage permission) to move it with a long pole. Alas, the pole was not long enough and we were loathe to risk impaling ours-elf on a cypress knee or possibly worse, being on the receiving end of a Water Moccasin's mouth.

Tomorrow we welcome May and the increasing warmth of spring. YES!! In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, thank those who are caring for us, be kind and DO EPIC!

'One April Day More' Pondlandia

 Wednesday April 29, 2020

Day 26 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

April is a month we typically enjoy for it's welcomed spring temperatures and release from frosty mornings. Gardens are planted, flowers erupt with stunning colors, the animal kingdom shares a bounty a new lives, and sometimes, we wish April would just last another month or two before the punishing heat and humidity settle in.

Well, NOT THIS YEAR! This April has been one for the record books for us and for many, and while we do not wish time to go by any faster than it is, we are so not sorry to say goodbye to April tomorrow. 

'Clouds of Knowing' greeted us early this morning. Knowing the rain was moving out, Knowing that sunshine is in the offing, Knowing the storms that rolled through overnight could have been worse, and Knowing their presence wraps us to the earth. 

Huey and Dewey enjoyed eating some mud. Ruby and Daffy warmed the pond wall. And the turtle trap is full of turtles desperate to get out and find a new home. Enjoy this penultimate day of April; Covid-19 needs to be escorted out of this universe and May is just the month to do it!

'One-Foot Nappin' Pondlandia

 Tuesday April 28, 2020

Day 25 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

Easy day today...not much activity at all other than seeing our two pair taking a morning legged snoozes at that. It's called 'unipedal resting' and helps the duck regulate body heat. Another interesting duck fact has to do with why ducks sleep with their necks craned backward and tucked under a wing...this helps the neck muscles relax since they have to work hard to hold those long necks up and it,too, helps with temperature regulation. How about them apples!

Y'all have a great day, be thankful, healthy, safe, and kind.

'Waterfowlapalooza' Pondlandia

 Sunday afternoon and Monday Morning April 26 & 27, 2020

Day 23 & 24 Continuing "Shelter in Place/Safe At Home"

My we have some great shots from a sundrenched Pondlandia as we took our afternoon constitutional with 'Mikey Tyson' and Marley The Wayward Poodle (TWP). We were beyond excited to see THREE different ducks perched on the pond wall! Ducks we'd never seen before AND a Green Heron, to boot. LOVE the shot of them flying into the pond! And THEN, lo and behold if we didn't spot Opal/Casper the Great White Egret in the southern curve of the Pond along with the Canada Geese on shore. We do not have CLUE what these ducks are even after consulting our Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds. If anyone knows what kind of ducks these are, please let us know!

And then we go from the sublime to the mundane with Monday morning's usual view of Huey and Dewey. No Mallards, no new ducks, no excitement....just a beautiful day to set our intentions and to be thankful for all those folks whose lives are on the line for us...First Responders, Health Care Workers (the whole 9 yards from housekeeping, maintenance, Social Services, Docs, Nurses, CNAs, and administrative staff), Sanitation Engineers (who've been more than challenged by folks who've used this time to clean out EVERYTHING and throw a LOT of good stuff out on the curb rather than donate it), First Responders (Police, Fire/Rescue, and EMTS), and folks who are working at essential jobs keeping the state going as best they can. So enjoy this day and soon this will all be behind us.

'Can't We Just Get Along?' Pondlandia

 Sunday, April 26, 2020

Day 23 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Well, for goodness sake!! It looked like a feathered Free-for-All out there today. First, it was all peaceful and serene (as serene as it can be with honking geese) and then BAM! The Mallards flew in and then Huey and Dewey also flew into a territorial rage! The geese just watched in stunned amusement as every effort was made to dispense with the Mallards!! And to add insult to, hopefully non-injury, no corn was distributed. As we departed, the antagonism continued and on a SUNDAY no less.

Nevertheless, we wish everyone a lovely day, full of ways to be thankful, positive, kind, and healthy. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

'Elusive Blue Skies' Pondlandia

 Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day 22 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Well, another stormy night with lots of rain BUT hopefully we are done for a while. At least my straw bales are getting the watering they need to be a composty paradise. The first video is of Ruby and Daffy at the base of the levee; there was a very small leak there for a while and there is obviously something there they are interested in. Looks like a lot of the waterfowl like to scrape the tip end of grainy looking grasses into their little gullets...guess that's good fiber. The second and third videos show Ruby and Daffy back in the pond and enjoying a nice bath. And finally, Huey and Dewey plus our intentions for this wannabe lovely Saturday.

Enjoy today's videos!

'Grateful and Sunny' Pondlandia

 Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 21 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Well, Friday is bringing such a resplendent blue sky, we had to pause a minute to take it all in. Ruby and Daffy were perched on the pond wall while Huey and Dewey were locked into their levee position. No animosity noted, thankfully. One day in a row without storms or rain! YAY!

The mist is slight this morning but is nonetheless wistfully beautiful in its delicate presence. Like it's meant solely to elicit our admiration.

Happy Weekend Eve!!

'Fully Green and Lush' Pondlandia

 Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 20 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Wow! What a night and early morning we had!! No serious damage but a LOT of rain. Nothing of dramatic significance in Pondlandia but our do see how lush and green it is after three weeks of soaking rains over time. Though we be rain and storm weary from this Spring so far, come August through October, we will be thankful the water table was filled. The clouds are due to depart later today and we will welcome the sun for the next few days. In the meantime, Huey and Dewey wait for some corn while the rest of Pondlandia waits for the sun.


And we introduce for the first time on our website, our wonderful 'talking Turtle Tree' who has a few words for those who notice him every day.

'Round Three Anticipation' Pondlandia

 Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Day 19 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Well, here we go again, again with another storm system due in tonight. Hopefully, it won't be as intense as the last two and will be in/out before we can say 'where is my slicker'. As for the duck action this morning, Huey was such a bully. We did not even see Ruby and Daffy early on but we sure did once Huey and Dewey spotted them and Huey went all feathered ferocity on them. We also got two still that we really like...The Clouds' Promise and The Pondlandian Tree of Souls mirrored in the pond. What a spectacular tree. Enjoy, be safe, and be kind (Kinder Than a White Duck).

'An Unclouded Sky' Pondlandia

 Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Day 18 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

'Tis a puzzlement today. We filmed Huey and Dewey on shore of South Pondlandia waiting to be delivered some corn. It was a nice video but nothing spectacular. We took some stills to share with our mates at St. Columbs and went on our merry way. Howsomever, the video did NOT show up on our computer when we got home. So, we hopped into 'Scottie' (my 2008 Element BEST CAR EVER) and took off to film again.

As it turned out, we were gifted with the presence of not only Huey and Dewey but also Ruby and Daffy (who were not there initially) AND, swooping in mid-video, Harry the Great Blue Heron. Talk about serendipity! There is repetition of the our intentions but that's ok, it won't hurt to be reminded Enjoy!

'Clouds Be Gone' Pondlandia

 Monday, April 20, 2020

Day 17 Continuing "Shelter in Place"

Still pretty cloudy and dismal early this morning BUT we did have the Mallard pair back to help brighten our day. And as we publish this, thankfully, the Sun has indeed reclaimed the sky.

'DejaVu All Over Again'Pondlandia

 Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 16 "Shelter in Place"

Welp, here we go again. We are at a TORCON 7 today (same as last Sunday). We will monitor Pondlandian weather throughout the day to make sure our friends are ok. They have enough sense to get in places that are safe and probably sense the weather better than we do. We did see the Mallard drakes and the Papa Bluebird today along with the stalwarts, Huey and Dewey. Have a most magnificent and safe Sunday!

Overcast 'Cottonbritches Winter' Pondlandia

 Saturday, April 18, 2020

Day 15 "Shelter in Place"

We were in for a bit of a rude awakening this morning; it rained overnight; BUT it also turned almost back to winter! Nevertheless, Pondlandia offered us some interesting footage of Harry the Great Blue Heron. Of course, immediately after we turned off the camera the first time, he JUMPED into the pond for a quick bath!! First time we've ever seen him do that. So, you only get a brief glimpse, as I didn't get the camera turned back on in time. He's quite the character, for sure. Huey and Dewey were not intimidated in the least with his long strides close to them. Tomorrow is another Alert Day for severe storms, so we will monitor the Pond and our friends. Stay safe, stay well, and be kind. 

'No Mist-Sun-Kissed Pondlandia

 Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 14 "Shelter in Place"

A No Mist, Sunkissed Pondlandia with the return of the Mallards!!! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay centered on kindness. Happy Friday, y'all!

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

The Magnificent Trees of North Pondlandia's Spookey Spikey Woods!

'Thomas Covenant'



'Jethro Tull'

Pondlandia the Surreal

 Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 13 "Shelter in Place"

Another crisp and cold (we even had FROST!) morning in Pondlandia. Huey and Dewey rule as not another feathered soul (waterfowl that is) was around. We are working to get some pictures of the bluebirds; will have to go without Marley! Anywho, enjoy again the mists of Pondlandia. Be safe, be well, and be kind.

Pondlandia the Sunny

 Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Day 12 "Shelter in Place"

The briskness of Pondlandia was only exceeded by the brightness of the sun--we'll take that. We did have a brief appearance by Harry the Great Blue Heron who we haven't seen in a while. Huey and Dewey were still as statues on the pond wall, all tucked in for a one-footed quick morning snooze. We saw the Mallards early on but by the time we got around to Duck Feather Point, they'd gone elsewhere. And, finally, the nutria traps are gone. We never saw one trapped but understand that at least two were caught. Hope that helps! 

Enjoy this day, stay well, stay safe, and be kind.

The 'Mists of Pondlandia'

 Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 11 "Shelter in Place"

The 'Mists of Pondlandia'. I swear, if the hand of Lady of the Lake had risen and presented a sword among the swirling mists, I would not have been surprised. Only Huey and Dewey this beautiful sunlit morning...that's fine. Others will appear later in the day. Enjoy.

Though the "Turtle Tree" is not technically in Pondlandia, he is very much a presence as we enjoy our daily walks. Oh the stories he could tell!

Post Easter/Post Terrible Storms Pondlandia

 Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 10 "Shelter in Place"

Post Easter/Post Terrible Storms Pondlandia. We were the lucky ones yesterday as 11 people lost their lives following an outbreak of tornadic weather that raked across MS, including TWO F-5 tornadoes. We here in Pondiandia are truly thankful we were spared and the life of Pondlandians moves along. And, today, we saw one of the dreaded nutria that are wreaking havoc with our pond--Marley wanted that nutria!

Easter in Pondlandia

 Sunday, April 12, 2020

Day 9 "Shelter in Place"

Welcome to a blowy, cloudy Easter morning in Pondlandia. Today's winds make the Spooky Spikey Woods and surrounding awesome Trees of Pondlandia scene stealers from the ducks, though we did have a bit of Mallard action this morning. To everyone in harm's way via the weather today, be safe and weather aware. We will keep tabs on our feathered friends during the day but know that they handle the bad weather as well as they can. Keep our intentions alive today as we wish this storm system to 'wash that virus right outta our lives' (apologies to South Pacific).

Pondlandia in the Sunshine

 Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 8 "Shelter in Place"

With all the wintering waterfowl gone, Pondlandia is lonesome. In fact, we've seen very few deer as well, though tracks can be found to assure us they are still around. However, we continue to enjoy the solitude and quiet, except when the geese are squawking and/or the DuckFeuds are underway. We are truly fortunate to have this little piece of pleasure in the midst of growing development and 'progress'...though we are grateful that the noise of heavy machinery, nail guns, hammers, and dump trucks has subsided to a degree. We are also taking time to celebrate the magnificent trees of not only the Spooky Spikey Woods of North Pondlandia but also the stunning trees we often overlook in our elf-forts to capture fauna activity. In fact, today, we nearly missed Ruby and Daffy as they perched almost out of sight. Huey and Dewey were taking a morning snooze and were oblivious to our walk out on Duck Feather Point. Be save, be healthy, and be kind. 

Welcome to Pondlandia 

 Friday, April 10, 2020

Day 7 "Shelter in Place"

A chilly and windy Pondlandia greeted us this morning...geese, mallands and Huey & Dewey did not seem to in in the least. They know the chill will be brief (albeit not the last of this early spring season) and sunny skies with growing warmth will take hold and stay. Passover is completed and Good Friday is here. Be safe, be well, and be kind.

We would like to give a special shout out to our nephew, Reynolds Patterson, for making a Pondlandia North Carolina video to share with us.  Thanks, Reynolds!!

Pondlandia Endures

 Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 6 "Shelter in Place"

Welcome to a Pondlandian Thursday! It's amazingly calm and quiet which is mayhaps related to the cloudy skies and humid warm temps. In other words, a Southern spring day. We anticipate a bit of a weather change in the next couple of days; storms and rain followed by somewhat cooler and drier air (mid-40's for lows). We will celebrate those cooler days as we continue to prepare our straw bale garden. The creatures of Pondlandia will no doubt enjoy the rain and relish life. They most certainly offer us respite from the anxiety of these trying times. We celebrate them every single day.

Stay home, stay healthy, and be kind.

Pondlandia Abides

 Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 5 "Shelter in Place"

We haven't posted in a couple of days...hope you've been able to stay with us on our FB page. Today's weather kinda caught us off guard, so we brought the fur kids home mid-walk and hopped in our trustly Element (named Scottie, as in 'beam me up') for today's little greeting video. We hope y'all are faring well with this 'shelter in place' directive; as we've mentioned, being an introvert helps us keep our wits about us (when all about are losing theirs...thanks Mr. Kipling).  As you can see, something spooked the Mallard drake as well as Huey and Dewey...they just stopped their paddles toward the pond wall and turned around. We couldn't see anything untoward that would have scared them...go figure. Anyway, have a safe, healthy day and stay kind.

Good Morning from Pondlandia

 Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 1 "Shelter in Place"

Well, here we are at the first day of a mandated "Shelter in Place" order enacted to stop, slow, hinder, control, or otherwise extinguish the COVID-19 virus. Naturally, we have thought of a bazillion things we need/want to get out and do. Nevertheless, we will honor the order and ONLY do things essential.

This morning, we have a couple of videos of our 'Shelter-in-Place' haven, otherwise known as Pondlandia. Our initial video had to be censored due to some rather graphic goose activity. BUT we managed to get a some good film of the peaceful and sometimes noisy Pondlandia. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Stay well, healthy, and kind.

Greetings from Pondlandia

 Friday, April 3, 2020

Welcome to Friday!! Albeit a different Friday for most of us..we have our 'shelter in place' orders so we are adjusting accordingly.  Being introverts, we are fine with being home alone. However, life in Pondlandia has not changed one iota, so we take heart that 'this too shall pass' and make every elf-fort to enjoy each day to the fullest and appreciate our health and Pondlandia. 

Setting our intentions has helped us focus on the positives and opportunities to be a kinder, gentler Elf. Enjoy, y'all!


Good Morning from Pondlandia

 April 2, 2020

In an elf-fort to keep everyone entertained while weathering this COVD-19 storm, we wish to share with you our daily Pondlandian visits. Enjoy and join us when you can.

Today was a day like most--quiet and peaceful, though we ARE having an ongoing 'DuckFeud' between the 'Hatmestics' (the white domestic ducks Huey and Dewey and the play on the Hatfields) and the 'McMallards' (their arch enemies the McCoys). Huey and Dewey are loathe to have the McMallards anywhere around and chase them away. Today, they were far enough apart on the Pond to not interfere with each other. Enjoy your Pondlandian adventure for this day!

We hope you will also join us in setting our daily love somebody forward, to perform a Random Act of Kindness, to pay a compliment to a stranger, and to DO EPIC! 




December 24, 2019

Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Night Before Christmas as you've never heard it before.  Brought to you by the Mississippi Elf and all the Wonderful Creatures of Pondlandia INCLUDING the trees of North Pondlandia that serve as shelter for the deer.


Thursday, September 19 2019

LOOK!! These are what we call our 'Ant Highways'! We haven't seen these in a couple of years and they are fascinating. We were walking along the North Pondlandia Circle when we spotted the tell-tale signs of an ant highway (top left). The debris field is unmistakeable and we almost jumped up in the air!! For reasons known only to the ants, they decide to up and move somewhere; the 'highway' is the result! The middle photograph shows a second 'highway' at human eye level, and again, we were so excited. We suspect that as they pack up and move, they do leave a trail as most of us do.  And the video clearly shows 'ants marching' and carrying bundles across the circle to their new home. HOW COOL IS THIS!!!

Below we have a video of Good Ole Harry the Great Blue Heron who chooses to live, work, and play in South Pondlandia, specifically roosting in the lovely cypress trees and dining from whatever he may catch in Golden Pond. And, of course, no Pondlandian visit w Huey, Dewey, and Louis, our resident white ducks. As fall approaches (very slowly this year as it's still in the 90's!), we begin to see an increase in the number of Mallards. Today, we only have three relaxing on the Pond Wall. That's ok...we'll take what we can get!! ENJOY today's visit.


Monday, September 9 2019

To Perform a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) — It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do something nice for someone. There are so many chances during the course of a day to help ease a burden; to take no action is a forever missed opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be a grand could be letting someone with two items move ahead of you in a checkout line; randomly buying someone’s lunch; a thank you to a restroom attendant. Be creative and enjoy.

Today we were treated to a triple treat...we do apologize for how the pond looks. It's been so very hot down here in mid-Mississippi that it appears all algae and whatever has thrived. Hopefully, this heat wave will be over soon and the pond will return to its clear surface.

It was nice to see Huey, Dewey, and Louise right at the pond today; over the past few weeks, they've been hanging out on the pond wall near North Pondlandia.

And it appears quite evident that they are hungry and vocal about it. Marley, unbelievably, was standing right there and made not one sound or move toward them!

And here is our elusive little Green Heron. We try to get closer so you can see his deep green feathers and copper colored breast, but he gets spooked easily. He actually took refuge in one of the gorgeous cypress trees at Duck Feather Point.


Setting Our Daily Intentions

If you are familiar with our little Pondlandian videos, you’ll know that at the end of at least one of them (usually the first one), we ask our viewers to ‘set their intentions' for the (each) day. There are three intentions as follows, keeping in mind that they are actions to take:

To ‘Love Somebody Forward’ — loving somebody forward means to figure out a way to de-escalate, reduce, or provide an opportunity to transform a negative interaction into a positive one. The best example that comes to mind is “A soft answer turns away wrath”. And, it’s a learning process…when someone lashes out in anger, it is much easier to return in anger, at which point the opportunity to turn things around is lost. However, when you can refocus attention on something positive, there is a chance of reconnecting to clear the way to healing. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ but does work.

To 'DO EPIC' — This phrase is born from the mind of Kim Holden, author of a remarkable book of friendship, loss, love, and positivity. The book is Bright Side; the story of a young woman whose determination to make life the best it can be under the most devastating of circumstances is indeed to DO EPIC. 

So there you have our summary of our three intentions that all reflect the best intention of all…The Golden Rule. Rock On…Elfsters.


And NOW -- Pondlandia August 28 2019

Wednesday Morning, August 21, 2019.

Post Alaska!

Good GRIEF!! It seems like we've been gone forever!! Our first foray to Pondlandia since our return late Monday night. We picked 'the kids' up Tuesday morning but it was way too hot to visit Pondlandia by then. They were as excited to return as we were, for sure! We had to visit both North and South Pondlandia assessing change and status along the way. See for yourownself!!

Thursday Morning, August 22, 2019

'Someone' forgot the treats this morning, so we abbreviated the walk to avoid the treat break in North Pondlandia. So we only have South P to show...nonetheless, the mallards were still there (YAY), a sure signal that fall is not too far away AND our usual suspects of Huey, Dewey, and Louise.

Wednesday Morning, August  7 2019

We visited both North Pondlandia (the woods) and South Pondlandia (the pond) this morning. We checked  on our 'Leanin Tree' and the magnificent, other-worldly bodock trees that make up the 'Woods, Lovely, Dark, and Deep'. Then to South Pondlandia where Huey, Dewey, and Louise snubbed their breakfast...pretty sure in retaliation for our forgotten supper of a couple of nights ago. 

And so it goes....

Sunday Morning, August 4 2019

It was a three video morning today as well as our unintended incorporation of 'cinema verité. While Big Solid was visiting with Son Powell, we walked the 'fur kids' and fed the 'feathered kids', so the jerky movements are compliments of Marley TWP and 'Little Man' Ed.


Saturday, August 3

It is quite obvious that I cannot film and feed ducks/geese at the same time. Nevertheless, we gave it our best elf-fort. What an absolutely GORGEOUS morning! And, remember to 'love somebody forward, perform a random act of kindness, and...what??? DO EPIC!! 



With all due respect and apologies to C. S.Lewis, we are re-titling this page as "The Chronicles of Pondlandia" because we DO follow our little 'made-up real' world on a daily basis and celebrate the wonders it shares. In Pondlandia, EPIC is DONE every day; all one need do is watch, listen, and learn. Please join us for the fun, the mundane, the life and the joys. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2029.

This is 'South' Pondlandia where ducks and geese gather daily...or not. 

This is a view of 'North Pondlandia' featuring the Pond Wall, the Levee, and the lovely 'DuckFeather Point'. As you can see, fairly calm fall gets closer, we'll begin to see more wildlife action, for sure.



For those who do not know of, or have never been to Pondlandia, welcome! Pondlandia is a 'made-up' name for a small pond in an adjacent neighborhood...the real name is Golden Pond. We walk our two dogs in the area every day and record the flora and fauna as we go...some days are quiet and calm, with few fauna AND some days are very busy with lots of action from the denizens that abide near or visit Pondlandia. There are three permanent residents...white ducks named Huey, Dewey, and Louise. We have no idea if those are gender appropriate names but they just seemed to fit. Actually, Louise is a Chinese Crested Duck, so you know her/him right away, as you can see.