The Chronicles of Pondlandia


Pondlandia Endures

 Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 6 "Shelter in Place"

Welcome to a Pondlandian Thursday! It's amazingly calm and quiet which is mayhaps related to the cloudy skies and humid warm temps. In other words, a Southern spring day. We anticipate a bit of a weather change in the next couple of days; storms and rain followed by somewhat cooler and drier air (mid-40's for lows). We will celebrate those cooler days as we continue to prepare our straw bale garden. The creatures of Pondlandia will no doubt enjoy the rain and relish life. They most certainly offer us respite from the anxiety of these trying times. We celebrate them every single day.

Stay home, stay healthy, and be kind.

Pondlandia Abides

 Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 5 "Shelter in Place"

We haven't posted in a couple of days...hope you've been able to stay with us on our FB page. Today's weather kinda caught us off guard, so we brought the fur kids home mid-walk and hopped in our trustly Element (named Scottie, as in 'beam me up') for today's little greeting video. We hope y'all are faring well with this 'shelter in place' directive; as we've mentioned, being an introvert helps us keep our wits about us (when all about are losing theirs...thanks Mr. Kipling).  As you can see, something spooked the Mallard drake as well as Huey and Dewey...they just stopped their paddles toward the pond wall and turned around. We couldn't see anything untoward that would have scared them...go figure. Anyway, have a safe, healthy day and stay kind.

Good Morning from Pondlandia

 Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 1 "Shelter in Place"

Well, here we are at the first day of a mandated "Shelter in Place" order enacted to stop, slow, hinder, control, or otherwise extinguish the COVID-19 virus. Naturally, we have thought of a bazillion things we need/want to get out and do. Nevertheless, we will honor the order and ONLY do things essential.

This morning, we have a couple of videos of our 'Shelter-in-Place' haven, otherwise known as Pondlandia. Our initial video had to be censored due to some rather graphic goose activity. BUT we managed to get a some good film of the peaceful and sometimes noisy Pondlandia. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Stay well, healthy, and kind.

Greetings from Pondlandia

 Friday, April 3, 2020

Welcome to Friday!! Albeit a different Friday for most of us..we have our 'shelter in place' orders so we are adjusting accordingly.  Being introverts, we are fine with being home alone. However, life in Pondlandia has not changed one iota, so we take heart that 'this too shall pass' and make every elf-fort to enjoy each day to the fullest and appreciate our health and Pondlandia. 

Setting our intentions has helped us focus on the positives and opportunities to be a kinder, gentler Elf. Enjoy, y'all!


Good Morning from Pondlandia

 April 2, 2020

In an elf-fort to keep everyone entertained while weathering this COVD-19 storm, we wish to share with you our daily Pondlandian visits. Enjoy and join us when you can.

Today was a day like most--quiet and peaceful, though we ARE having an ongoing 'DuckFeud' between the 'Hatmestics' (the white domestic ducks Huey and Dewey and the play on the Hatfields) and the 'McMallards' (their arch enemies the McCoys). Huey and Dewey are loathe to have the McMallards anywhere around and chase them away. Today, they were far enough apart on the Pond to not interfere with each other. Enjoy your Pondlandian adventure for this day!

We hope you will also join us in setting our daily love somebody forward, to perform a Random Act of Kindness, to pay a compliment to a stranger, and to DO EPIC! 




December 24, 2019

Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Night Before Christmas as you've never heard it before.  Brought to you by the Mississippi Elf and all the Wonderful Creatures of Pondlandia INCLUDING the trees of North Pondlandia that serve as shelter for the deer.


Thursday, September 19 2019

LOOK!! These are what we call our 'Ant Highways'! We haven't seen these in a couple of years and they are fascinating. We were walking along the North Pondlandia Circle when we spotted the tell-tale signs of an ant highway (top left). The debris field is unmistakeable and we almost jumped up in the air!! For reasons known only to the ants, they decide to up and move somewhere; the 'highway' is the result! The middle photograph shows a second 'highway' at human eye level, and again, we were so excited. We suspect that as they pack up and move, they do leave a trail as most of us do.  And the video clearly shows 'ants marching' and carrying bundles across the circle to their new home. HOW COOL IS THIS!!!

Below we have a video of Good Ole Harry the Great Blue Heron who chooses to live, work, and play in South Pondlandia, specifically roosting in the lovely cypress trees and dining from whatever he may catch in Golden Pond. And, of course, no Pondlandian visit w Huey, Dewey, and Louis, our resident white ducks. As fall approaches (very slowly this year as it's still in the 90's!), we begin to see an increase in the number of Mallards. Today, we only have three relaxing on the Pond Wall. That's ok...we'll take what we can get!! ENJOY today's visit.


Monday, September 9 2019

Today we were treated to a triple treat...we do apologize for how the pond looks. It's been so very hot down here in mid-Mississippi that it appears all algae and whatever has thrived. Hopefully, this heat wave will be over soon and the pond will return to its clear surface.

It was nice to see Huey, Dewey, and Louise right at the pond today; over the past few weeks, they've been hanging out on the pond wall near North Pondlandia.

And it appears quite evident that they are hungry and vocal about it. Marley, unbelievably, was standing right there and made not one sound or move toward them!

And here is our elusive little Green Heron. We try to get closer so you can see his deep green feathers and copper colored breast, but he gets spooked easily. He actually took refuge in one of the gorgeous cypress trees at Duck Feather Point.


Setting Our Daily Intentions

If you are familiar with our little Pondlandian videos, you’ll know that at the end of at least one of them (usually the first one), we ask our viewers to ‘set their intentions' for the (each) day. There are three intentions as follows, keeping in mind that they are actions to take:

To ‘Love Somebody Forward’ — loving somebody forward means to figure out a way to de-escalate, reduce, or provide an opportunity to transform a negative interaction into a positive one. The best example that comes to mind is “A soft answer turns away wrath”. And, it’s a learning process…when someone lashes out in anger, it is much easier to return in anger, at which point the opportunity to turn things around is lost. However, when you can refocus attention on something positive, there is a chance of reconnecting to clear the way to healing. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ but does work.

To Perform a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) — It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do something nice for someone. There are so many chances during the course of a day to help ease a burden; to take no action is a forever missed opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be a grand could be letting someone with two items move ahead of you in a checkout line; randomly buying someone’s lunch; a thank you to a restroom attendant. Be creative and enjoy.

To 'DO EPIC' — This phrase is born from the mind of Kim Holden, author of a remarkable book of friendship, loss, love, and positivity. The book is Bright Side; the story of a young woman whose determination to make life the best it can be under the most devastating of circumstances is indeed to DO EPIC. 

So there you have our summary of our three intentions that all reflect the best intention of all…The Golden Rule. Rock On…Elfsters.


And NOW -- Pondlandia August 28 2019

Wednesday Morning, August 21, 2019.

Post Alaska!

Good GRIEF!! It seems like we've been gone forever!! Our first foray to Pondlandia since our return late Monday night. We picked 'the kids' up Tuesday morning but it was way too hot to visit Pondlandia by then. They were as excited to return as we were, for sure! We had to visit both North and South Pondlandia assessing change and status along the way. See for yourownself!!

Thursday Morning, August 22, 2019

'Someone' forgot the treats this morning, so we abbreviated the walk to avoid the treat break in North Pondlandia. So we only have South P to show...nonetheless, the mallards were still there (YAY), a sure signal that fall is not too far away AND our usual suspects of Huey, Dewey, and Louise.

Wednesday Morning, August  7 2019

We visited both North Pondlandia (the woods) and South Pondlandia (the pond) this morning. We checked  on our 'Leanin Tree' and the magnificent, other-worldly bodock trees that make up the 'Woods, Lovely, Dark, and Deep'. Then to South Pondlandia where Huey, Dewey, and Louise snubbed their breakfast...pretty sure in retaliation for our forgotten supper of a couple of nights ago. 

And so it goes....

Sunday Morning, August 4 2019

It was a three video morning today as well as our unintended incorporation of 'cinema verité. While Big Solid was visiting with Son Powell, we walked the 'fur kids' and fed the 'feathered kids', so the jerky movements are compliments of Marley TWP and 'Little Man' Ed.


Saturday, August 3

It is quite obvious that I cannot film and feed ducks/geese at the same time. Nevertheless, we gave it our best elf-fort. What an absolutely GORGEOUS morning! And, remember to 'love somebody forward, perform a random act of kindness, and...what??? DO EPIC!! 



With all due respect and apologies to C. S.Lewis, we are re-titling this page as "The Chronicles of Pondlandia" because we DO follow our little 'made-up real' world on a daily basis and celebrate the wonders it shares. In Pondlandia, EPIC is DONE every day; all one need do is watch, listen, and learn. Please join us for the fun, the mundane, the life and the joys. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2029.

This is 'South' Pondlandia where ducks and geese gather daily...or not. 

This is a view of 'North Pondlandia' featuring the Pond Wall, the Levee, and the lovely 'DuckFeather Point'. As you can see, fairly calm fall gets closer, we'll begin to see more wildlife action, for sure.



For those who do not know of, or have never been to Pondlandia, welcome! Pondlandia is a 'made-up' name for a small pond in an adjacent neighborhood...the real name is Golden Pond. We walk our two dogs in the area every day and record the flora and fauna as we go...some days are quiet and calm, with few fauna AND some days are very busy with lots of action from the denizens that abide near or visit Pondlandia. There are three permanent residents...white ducks named Huey, Dewey, and Louise. We have no idea if those are gender appropriate names but they just seemed to fit. Actually, Louise is a Chinese Crested Duck, so you know her/him right away, as you can see.